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About DDriver's

About DDriver’s

DDriver’s is based in Moncton NB and is a car valet services company. We believe that play and social interaction is an important part of human society and that driving while under the influence should not be the result of this activity. It is our goal to remove the dangers of driving while under the influence and to keep our roads safe for all. The company has a unique service geared to delivering this goal using mobile technology to match valet drivers with consumers who are unable to legally drive their cars.

Less Expensive Than The Taxi Fare There and Back

Our Values

As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, and overall — public safety. Our main focus is to give those, that aren’t under the conditions of being able to drive, another option. And, upon them choosing that option, a safe, professional, quick, and courteous service.

Our mission is to treat every guest as a VIP, and our priorities are to exceed the customer service expectations of each guest as well as our clients.

Our Drivers

During your ride home, we focus as much on the service as we do on the drive. Anyone can get you home in your car, but are you always comfortable with having anyone drive your car? Our drivers are the difference.

When you are ready to go home, call us at 506-989-0800 and we’ll send 2 drivers out to you. One of them will hop in your car with you and take you home, while the other follows. When we arrive at your house, we will give you a total and you can pay with Debit Tap, Amex, VISA or MasterCard.

Nightlife Valet is a Designated Driving, Chauffeur and Transportation Service. It remains the youngest professional established designated driver service.

Company Culture

The home of the Nightlife Valet Call and Dispatch Centre is in the Greater Moncton area, New-Brunswick. We provide a socially responsible and stress-free alternate driving service for anyone under the influence of alcohol, fatigue or any other reason they may wish not to drive their vehicle to their desired destination.
Nightlife Valet is focused on providing a safe, reliable and sustainable lifestyle driving solution to the Maritime’s.

DDriver’s is a Designated Driver Service
We Travel in a two-person team, making sure you and your vehicle get home safely.

How it Works

We offer a safe solution to get you, your vehicle, and your guests to your destination when you are unable to. All customers must fit in your vehicle. You can book our service by App. When you use this app, you are able to:

• Place an order in real-time or enter a future order.
• Track the driver from your Smartphone once the driver has been assigned.
• Request an available driver by tapping the icon on your Smartphone.
• Create a list of your ‘favorite’ places for one-touch requests.
Or, you can call the service: 506-989-0800.

Two professionally trained drivers will arrive at your pickup location. One driver will drive you in your vehicle as well as any guests to your destination. The other driver follows to pick up his/her partner at the end of the trip. Drivers will perform multiple stops or drop-offs as long as the last destination is with the vehicle. No customers are allowed in the chase vehicle due to liability.
When you would like to leave your function before 10 p.m., call (or book using the app) a half an hour before you need the service. If it is after 10, call (or book using the app) an hour prior to requiring the service.

Why Use Us

People are social and enjoy socializing with friends. People also occasionally go out at night to a restaurant or nightclub. This is often coupled with the consumption of alcohol over several hours. As a result, people are no longer legally able to drive, but still have to get home. Those with expensive or new cars fear to leave their cars overnight due to vandalism or theft. As a result, they make the wrong choice and drive their cars home. People choose to drive under the influence illegally because there is no alternative for them to get both their car and themselves back home. We believe this common scenario provides the opportunity for a new consumer service that provides consumers with a valet driver for people AND their car.

The legal blood alcohol limit today is 0.05% which takes only 2 drinks per hour to surpass. This fact puts the majority (60-80%) of individuals at risk when the average amount of drinks consumed in an evening is 3-4 over a period of 2-3 hours. As a result, a far greater number of people are at risk of being arrested for drinking and driving. This is especially dangerous during the late evening hours of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Watch for our Mobile App coming soon.

What We Do

Today there is no easy way today to get you AND your car home late at night when you’ve had too much to drink. Far too many people make the wrong decision to drive their cars home while under the influence. This can lead to devastating and negative results in their lives, families, careers, and the lives of other innocent people possibly resulting in injury or death.

60 to 80% of individuals who go out to a nightclub will drive home illegally due to alcohol intoxication simply because they do not want to leave their car behind.

At DDriver’s we provide a safe and affordable alternative to drinking and driving that allows consumers to request a chauffeur to drive them AND their car to their home. Access to this service is provided through a mobile app that handles the request, chauffeur selection, pickup, delivery, and payment. Individuals sign up for a membership, enter their home address and payment information. The destination and payment are set before requesting a ride. Customer location is also set through GPS selection of the particular club or restaurant the customer is located. Once requested, a pair of chauffeurs pick up the customer AND their car and drive the customer home in their own car. Price is automatically calculated based on demand and distance traveled. Payment is automatic through the app with no cash exchanged between customers and chauffeurs. Don’t have a car and Looking for a taxi in moncton instead call Super Cab Taxi Moncton or click here. 


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Getting you AND your car home safe!


DDrivers is based in Moncton NB, and is a car valet services company.

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We believe that play and social interaction is an important part of human society and that driving while under the influence should not be the result of this activity.

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